Ebola: It’s Back in the News

he 2014 Ebola outbreak turned out to be so much less than many websites predicted. In fact, as Jon said would happen, deaths did not total in the millions and Ebola did not run rampant through the United States.

So why is it back in the news?

  • Did you know there have actually been several Ebola outbreaks since the big one in 2014?
  • Do you know why the current outbreak is different?
  • Were you aware that Kinshasa, which is directly in the line of the current outbreak, is a large, modern city with a population of 10 million?
  • Have you heard that the US announced its intention to dramatically cut funding and preparedness resources for any future Ebola outbreaks on the same day this latest outbreak was discovered?

In this newsletter, Jon addresses all these issues and more. If you're wondering why this outbreak is different, why it might matter to you, and how decisions being made in Washington could dramatically shorten your life expectancy, then you will want to read this newsletter.

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